Finding top point in brep and joining

Hi there,

I have a series of cylinders of different heights. I want to create a surface that joins them together, almost like the floors of a building and the cylinders are the columns. I have three problems -

  • how do I find the point that is the centroid of the top of the cylinder? I have tried to deconstruct the brep but I do not know how to select one surface to take the point from only.

  • how to connect all the points at lvl. 1, all the points at lvl.2, etc to create a surface to show the boundary of each floor

  • how to change the parameters of these floors such as offsetting it a distance outwards or to round their corners

I hope that made sense… many thanks in advance!! (20.2 KB) (22.2 KB)

Something like this?..
_ (22.3 KB)

boundary planes of the same size.

Thank you so much. Is there a way of making the boundary planes shaped according to the points at its height?

As in, give it holes in the middle of the three structures. I think that may make it very complex though, as it would be necessary to make a list for each floor i guess? Thank you for your help!