How do I make the edge of 2 curves meet?

How to Form 2 Swept Curves so that Edges Meet

I have three pillars that emerge from the ground to meet in the air at a given point. All three pillars are the same, just rotated equidistant around a circle. The pillar is made by sweeping a triangular form (on the ground) to an equilateral triangle in the air along a vertical arc. However, when the 3 pillars are arranged as described above, there is an unseemly edge that protrudes near the meeting point at the top (illustrated by the .png images). I have tried slicing the edge off or adjusting the control points of the arc but I still get the edge. Is there another way to resolve this edge?Park Theater 1.20 tower 1.3dm (2.3 MB)

are you talking about this orange indicated field inwhich the polysurface of the other part sticks out very slightly? its not fully clear what exactly you mean sorry. you have different stages of your example so it seams, but they are all rotated, its a bit confusing to help you here sorry. maybe you can point that out a little clearer and mark the areas like i did.

Sorry, I meant this edge on the amended attachment (refer to the first image and the arrow shown in my initial post). I would like the face of that polysurface to align cleanly with the face of the other polysurface at that juncture.

Park Theater 1.20 tower 1.3dm (2.6 MB)

you write all 3 pillars are the same are you sure? not that it make a difference for how you have to challenge this but all 3 sides have a different gap, you want this to merge only at one position?

the best you can do is to create curves which match up how you want then create surfaces and join that properly together. twisting objects like that hoping they will join up is a very bad approach, i know this sometimes happens while experimenting, but i promise when you bite in the sour apple now building it up properly again you will have far more fun later on and it will give you a good feeling having created something precise :slight_smile: i hope that does not sound rude now.

i can understand where you want to go with the last image you are showing but this is from a perspective. the exact spot has to be still defined by you that the curvature of that pilar hits right into it without changing the continuation of it. try rebuilding the curves as you want them and use edgeSrf or sweep to create it side by side, anything else is just a mess.

Not sure to understand what you try to do, Look at the join file. something like that ?
Park Theater 1.20 tower 1 (1).3dm (3.1 MB)

Thanks, Cyver. That is close to how I want it. How did you do that?

Thanks for taking a look, RichardZ. I’m not sure I understand what your recommendation is. The construction of each pillars is a sweep–I’ve tried experimenting with the rail curve of the sweep but I haven’t found a curve that gives me the seamless surface I want. I have attached a file that shows the simple construction of this form–can you explain how I could re-build the curves or use edgeSrf to make the surfaces meet?

Park Theater 1.20 tower 1,1.3dm (2.3 MB)