Help with Surface joining

I’ve been trying to get what I want from various sweep vacations and after a day and a half dixcomered I couled get the shape I wanted with a network of curves instead. However, now I can’t joined the created surfaces whether made with curve network or a 2 rail sweep. I can’t figure this out and I’d appreciate some insight here my fine fellows (696.4 KB)

Hi James- if I am seeing clearly, I would say that it looks like all of this is lines and arcs, or planes and fillets. Your input curves seem to be tangent arcs and straights. If that is so, I’d build as much ‘that way’ as possible and isolate the tricky transitions, rather than try to combine planes and fillets into one surface and try to make them somehow work together. The hard one, again, if I am interpreting your intentions correctly is the one that is on the corner not shown in your image.

Everything but that tricky, admittedly, blue transition below id a plane or a fillet surface. That one should be the only hard to do surface, I think.


I’d been using the two rail sweep method but I could never get a well-constucted corner edge because the arcs on either side are not the same radius. This was the case on both corners. So what I did was to create surfaces using 2 rail sweep and then try to join them with a curve network. What I later discovered is that the curve networks despite being made with the same arcs as the sweeps no longer matched edges. What I did was to delete the construction curves from networked edges and make new one with duplicate edge tool. I was then able to sweep the strait sides and join them to the corner surfaces. OSTexo has sent me a great construction example regarding this same design challenge. Many way to skin the cat.

I’ve some further question about the seaming of the parts as you can see from the screen shot. Is there some way to adjust the surface structures to remedy the problem shown with the zebra analysis?