Beginner - chamfering text

I’m trying to create a text object and chamfer it, but not by a little, but completely - at an angle of 45°.

I create a text object: (its height is 10mm)

Then I run ChamferEdge, and select 2mm as chamfer distance. I get this mess:

But I’d like to get something that looks like this in 2D:

Is there a way to achieve this effect of “letters in stone” in 3D? I don’t want to simulate it. I also don’t want to do them by hand, obviously.

Thank you for any help.

I find that this is not simply make a solid then chamfer. Here is a video on using a more manual method:

The steps are

  1. Create the curves
  2. Explode
  3. Extrude Tapered
  4. Extend Surfaces
  5. Trim
  6. Join

This should work well in more cases.

Thanks a million for your time and effort.

I hope someone can come up with an idea that doesn’t involve manual work.

@Helvetosaur @pascal

Now it’s 2020. Is there a “Script” to make the “Belevel Curve Text” text effect faster?
Extrude up to 45 degrees and enter the desired height