How do I get rid of an unneeded plug-in prompt?

I have a GH definition given to me by someone else, and it uses several plug-ins which are all installed - except one which I don’t particular want/need to install - and which is not essential for the definition to work, it opens and runs fine. Every time I open the file it prompts me to try and download and install it. How do I eliminate that prompt and tell this file to forget about trying to find/load this particular plug-in?


removing the component which uses the plugin does not work? @Michael_Pryor may not be responsible even though its his plugin but i am sure he can help :smiley:

This is because of that new system gh has where it puts a blank placeholder for missing plugin components. As I understand, that system was kind of hacky and doesn’t actually have a way to delete the missing component placeholder. Nothing I can do about that (even tho it is my component there in this case).

Only thing I think you can do is copy all the definition into a new file.

Or install the plugin, open the file, delete component, save the file, and uninstall the plugin.

Both options are not ideal…

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