Delete PlaceHolder Component


I have already encountered this issue several times for placeholder components.

Is there any way to delete placeholders without copy paste all components to a new file?
I am using Rhino 7 latest release.

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@DavidRutten can you help answer this one?

It is not at present possible to modify placeholder at all, including deletion. Deleting them is at least in principle possible as it doesn’t actually modify the object, but since the placeholders cannot currently be selected, they also cannot be deleted.

Thanks David for the clarification.

Hello, with this GhPython code we can find PlacehloderComponent with their original names, is it possible to delete them?


missing (5.2 KB)

Update: It work

Update: this problem solved
grasshopper object expired during solution

Maybe there is a better solution

remove placeholder (2.3 KB)


Nice one, thank you.

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This is another way, you can also use callbacks to delete components.

Remove (2.2 KB)


Thanks :wink:

I found that the solution provided by Seghier and Naruto don’t work if the placeholder components are in a cluster.
It took me a while to find these critters…
But if running the delete components in the said cluster, the placeholders do get deleted.

So for those still having error messages after supposedly deleting the placeholders : look in your clusters !

There is another trick i found:
1- Ctrl+A will select everything
2- Unselect the working components
3- Delete placeholder components (which are selected)


For others trying to figure out how to unselect: ctrl + drag window across all canvas will unselect only the working components and leaves the placeholder components selected.

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