How do I export Rhino model to 1:200 scale in illustrator?

ust a note, im super confused about scales and architectural drawings in general - please ELI5.

My assignment is to make a very simple plan of a neighborhood block in a 1:200 scale. How I started doing this was by downloading a 3D Rhino file of the city block. I was going to export the top view of this block and bring it into Illustrator and just add line weights/details, etc. My issue is, I don’t know how to export the Rhino file so that it would be 1:200 scale on Illustrator.

Things I’ve tried:

  1. scaling the model down in Rhino (“scale” command) to 1/200 > exporting Rhino file to .ai and keeping scale as 1cm = 1cm??
  2. tried the same thing but set Rhino units to meters and exported as 1m = 1cm?? (I’m clearly confused)
  3. kept Rhino model as is (didn’t scale down) and exported as 1cm = 200cm.

Everything I tried made the file come out as super tiny or massive in Illustrator.

I read online somewhere to export as .dxf file type and when I opened it in illustrator it looked fine - but I’m not 100% sure if the scale was 1:200 or not.


Pretty much, I’m a confused mess and I need help with scaling a drawing to 1:200 because I’ve no idea what I’m doing.

Best way is print it out on AI i guess, and use a scale ruler and measure it.
But if you do get it working please let us or me know thanks. Vice versa

Hello - you’re up against a double problem, because exporting to AI to scale has been broken (now fixed for SR 14).

The scale setting you want would be like so, if I understand what you are after, with whatever units you are using:

However this has not been working correctly… if you open Options > Updates and Statistics and change 'Update frequency` to ‘Release candidtate’, you can update to the provisional SR14 release which should do that right: