How do I close the gap between Spheres?

Hi all GH experts,

I tried to throw together a solid sphere with variable diameter, thickness and variable degree on an opening on one side (a number slider was used for this in the clip below).

But now - how do I close the gap between these two spherical surfaces?

What I’ve done so far, apart from the spheres, is drawing a line (can bee seen) with the desired angle, which is then revolved into a cone, which is used to trim out the holes in the spheres. But now I need to close the remaining gap between the spheres as to make it into a solid with “thickness”.

// Rolf

have you tried Loft? (then Brep Join for the solid object)

Loft from… what?

I’m new to GH. In vanilla Rhino it wouldn’t have been any problem, but in GH I don’t know to get hold of the edges as to feed the loft. What components to use, etc?

Or is the whole approach to this form less than optimal?

Edit: OK, I extracted Edges (two edges per opening), collected them into Lists and sent them in index pairs to two Loft component. Done.

// Rolf

i’d probably do something like this (for what it’s worth) (8 KB)

this is a quickie example in which the cone would only intersect perpendicular to the spheres but the main point is that i personally would try to generate all the pieces on their own instead of doing solids then intersecting them…

it’s sometimes simpler to do it like this as well as less taxing on the computer.

Very nice solution Jeff!

I will definitely go for this approach. Nice and clean, and fast. And also the last two Lofts ended up being only one Loft in your take on it (my clumpsy solids produced two halves making everything über complex)

Thank you very much for this advice!


Edit: BTW, how do I mark your post as solving my problem?

// Rolf

See this post: New Discourse Solved (Accepted Answer) Feature

Hm, I wonder why I can’t see that CheckBox under Jeff’s post. < scratching head >