3D fill the void between two surfaces

How can I fill the void between each two surface so the gap in between becomes solid?

I tried to cap the geometry but it didn’t work.

20.1.3dm (135.3 KB) Test.gh (101.5 KB)

I managed to do it by lofting each set of curves but I prefer to do it in a shorter approach.

easier than you think
TreeLoft.gh (94.9 KB)

Was the original surface created in Grasshopper?
Are all pairs of surfaces the same?

It looks like each pair of surfaces is a mirror of a thickened surface. Would it not be better to just take the 2 outermost surfaces and instead of thickening them, loft the edges to cap them and create a solid?

I can’t open the file as I’m still on R5

You can create it from the beginning

Test2.gh (178.7 KB)

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Thank you Will ! But does this fill the void in between ? Because later I have to 3D print it and if it’s not a solid, it would not work.

Thank you for the suggestion! Yes actually this makes a lot of sense. I’m just experimenting and my previous design didn’t have solid parts. So now I want to try having solid parts in between. I will try the approach you suggested. Thanks !!

Thank you for the suggestion! I will try this as well.

I’m not sure what the thickness of these wrinkled sheets is for if you are only getting a solid but you can loft and then join the surfaces.

You can try to extract the internal surfaces and create the solid from the medium

Test-surface internal parts.gh (96.1 KB)

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Thank you!! This is what I was looking for.