How do I change the color in this blob

how do I change the blob color of this imported png file

Hi @bkjernisted
That depends a lot on what the blop is… surface, hatch, block… and what view mode you are in; shaded, rendered etc.
So… some actual info on what your problem is or a file would probably be a good idea.

My guess is it is a Picture object with transparency in the image. If so, find the texture in the Textures panel, the image, and change the texture type from ‘Simple bitmap’ to ‘Bitmap’ You will then have some controls including ‘Hue shift’ that will affect the color.


Jakob and Pascal, it is a png file with a transparent background. Krita works perfectly for this, and I am just going to test out Inkscape. Pascal I tried what you suggested but the whole background get’s colored the new color. Thanks

Yeah, changing the color in a image editor is the way to go, of course.