Possible bug: Changing of the background color in one file also changes color in the other file

Hi guys,
Problem as stated in the description. In both files solid colors settings are applied as per below:


If in one file I change back to Application Settings -> same happens automatically in the other file as well. Files are not connected via Worksession or smth like this.

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Hi Dmitry - that is expected in V6 - application settings are written out to the settings file more or less as they occur and the other open instances read that.


Thanks @pascal,

So, how can I use different background colors in different files if I need to have them simultaneously opened?


Hi Dmitry - hmmm- yeah - the only way that I can think of is to make multiple copies of the display mode, each with a different color for the background.


Or use render settings to set a file-specific bg color. Just make sure your display mode is set to render settings for bg.

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