How do I add more anchor points to this Tensile script

Hello! I’m new to using kangaroo, I really need some help with how to add more anchor points to the base of this model (circled in red) and how to make the fabric fall more accurately over the columns (circled in yellow). I have attached a script I found below.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

TENSILE 01.3dm (2.3 MB)

This thread is a series of similar forms:

P.S. Your GH model is not connected to your Rhino file :question:

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Thank you, will try this

How do I change the script to use the reference points in my model rather than it going to 0,0,0?


To modify it you need to understand it. Do you understand this?

See attached. (18.3 KB)

A couple of things:

  1. Always separate the clothed from the naked edges in order to apply different values (as we do in real-life > find some tensile membrane images and spot what happens in the anchor plates - see attached image as well [and these are VERY simple cases]).
  2. Interactively (i.e. on the fly - as we do in real-life) changing positions in anchors … well … that’s impossible without code. Has to do with swapping volatile <> presistent data per execution (forget it …unless you want to walk the code walk - if this is the case notify).
  3. Anchor plates are (real-life) attached to masts/ground/etc via cables. But … it’s impossible to do that without code.
  4. Real-life anchor plate design (in most of cases a rather complex task) is NOT as simple as you think (impossible to do it without a proper feature driven MCAD app - like CATIA/Siemens/NX/etc). Plus plates may be “a rigid” item OR a hinged collection of items (has to do with the angle of the anchor plate).
  5. Since tensile membrane design is a thing solely for pros … well … I do hope that you guess the gist of my message.

I didn’t try to add more points than were in your Rhino file but did make the script work. The purple group separates points near the curve using ‘MaxD’ but there is one point near the middle that pulls the fabric down where it probably doesn’t belong? (20.2 KB)

Probably better to define the edge points on a different layer from the points at the top of the poles?

P.S. I found two points near the middle in the Rhino file that were pulling the fabric down so added the yellow group to cull (remove) them. (22.0 KB)

P.P.S. Sorry, realized that I hadn’t connected the ‘T’ (Target) input to Anchor the perimeter points. (21.3 KB)


Should be:

Thank you so much for your help, this works so well! Just still a bit unsure of how to make the fabric drape over the orange columns more accurately, adding more points dosen’t seem to help? Also the points pulling the fabric down are intentional.

Oh? So skip the Cull Index component from the yellow group. See version ‘c’ above.

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Thank you this is great! Thinking to get it closer to reacting to the columns it could be better to have the perimeter points to be a closed curve on the end of the columns? Unsure as to how to change this.