Kangaroo anchor points stuck on z axis

Hi all,
Trying to model a tensile structure using a bounding curve and central vertical curves as the main parameters.
Running the gh script attached, all anchor points remain firmly on the z axis at 0.
Any help would be great!
tensile script.gh (24.1 KB)
230511_Base for PRT Tent.3dm (117.3 KB)

Hi @Elliot_Bennett
This model has the units set to millimeters, and all the geometry is over 5000 kilometers from the origin. This will cause problems with most geometric operations in Rhino.
I recommend working in meters and with the geometry near the origin.
Changing these things your setup works fine:
230511_Base for PRT Tent2.3dm (232.3 KB)
tensile script2.gh (15.5 KB)

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the advice.