How ?create custom linetype in rhino(by curve , poly,line,..?

how ?create custom linetype in rhino(by curve , poly,line,…?
in autocad we created a shape of(polyline spline , rectangle ,circle,etc. …)and make it to Linetype file(*.lin)
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I did someting similar in Grasshopper long time ago for exactly this visual effect. I have no file but what I did is simple: Extend curves and lines in Grasshopper, then use whatever random division, move some points and rebuild the curves.

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Hi @architect.civil5
This is really great!
It sounds like it could be a plugin to Rhino. It could work as a Grasshopper plugin too.

Plugins are a great way to work out the requirements of a feature request while still have the flexibility of frequent updates outside of the Rhino chore.

Are the curves generated by make 2D, and then set to the GH curve parameter in Rhino?

We used to have a AutoCAD plot driver pack called PlotPack and it had a way to “hand sketch” the lines. @lowell was the developer.

Thanks for sharing this.

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Yes @mary
the curves can be make 2D or can draw by isometric grids line in rhino and then set to Gh curve parametric
And i want to write this in c# ( advanced Possibilities) for grasshopper as plugin
How does the PlotPack for" hand sketch" available for user?
Can this feature be added to Rhino as "rhino display mode "like AutoCAD and sketchup?