How could I make PNG the default file format for capturing?


when I create a screenshot I run the command:

I select the checkbox for the transparent background and come further to the saving location dialog but there is always the JPG format as default preselected.

I remember that in an old Rhino version (I think it was V4) also JPG was the default value. I asked to change the default PNG and in the next versions of Rhino PNG was thankfully the default until Rhino 7.

Please, could you change the default again to PNG? Or even then if you activated the checkbox for transparency?

It makes no sense to choose transparency and save it as JPG afterwards. I always use the alpha channel and since Rhino 7 I need to change the file format every time - this is really annoying!

Or is there any hidden secret command I do not know where I can set another default for this option?


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Hi Martin -

I see that here as well. For what it’s worth, I see the same behavior on both Rhino 5 and Rhino 6.
I’ve reported this as RH-65583: ViewCaptureToFile: Default to PNG and make extension stick

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