viewcaptureToFile - saves .png instead of .jpg (bug)

(mac only bug(?))
→ check Transparent Background
→ in the File Dialog choose .jpg
→ Rhino will save a .png instead

the old behaviour was to save a .jpg with white background - which was very nice i think. (this behaviour was not consistent with the PC-Version)

i think the choosen Format should be strict. (priority over transparent option)

if you want to keep this feature as is - i requeste a white background option - aditional to the transparent Background.

thanks. kind regards - tom

@pascal can you please have a look at this or assign the responsible person - thanks

Hi Tom - I see that, thanks.
RH-64908 ViewCaptureToFile: Transparent background forces png format


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thanks -tom

was this ever resolved? i just started using rhino on mac and when saving as a jpg (no transparent background options checked anywhere) it gives me a message about it needing to be a png for trans background and saves a png with white background…i want it to be a jpg like it used to be…