Viewcapturetofile creates png instead of jpg

Since a couple of months, viewcapturetofile seems to be unable to create anything other than png (even if jpg or other formats are selected). Anyone else with this issue?

Rhino Version 8 (8.7.24138.15432, 2024-05-17)
Macbook Pro 16, Nov 2023, M3 Max, 48Gb RAM, Sonoma 14.5

This is “normal” if you have transparent background checked. As jpg doesn’t support transparency, the file format is automatically changed to png. If you uncheck transparent background, it should save as a jpg.

There has been a debate about this - should it save as jpg without transparency even if transparent background is checked? Question of “I can only do one or the other of the two things you asked - which one should I do?”


Output the selected format. When you tell Rhino what you want, it shouldn’t assume you want something else.

Yeah, but I wanted a transparent background, and Rhino didn’t give it to me.