How "circle fit" component make circle from many points?

i have a pure curiousity about “circle fit” component.
i wonder how the component make circle from many points.

at first, i thought average point would be the centroid, but i found it can`t be the real centroid. Because, in many general cases, density of point cloud is not homogeneous, so the gotten centroid would be weighted towards high-density area.

so i now i expect that the “circle fit” is an mean of "3 point circle"s, and the 3 point is combinations(nC3) of points. hmm… is it right?

thanks for read, have a nice weekend!

See this old (and classic) as well:

I can’t read “circle-fitting.pdf” file. maybe there`s something wrong with link.
but i really appricitate your answer! “Best-fitting line, circle and ellipse” is helpful and interesting. thank you!

Indeed it is (for the moment I hope). Get these 2 as well:

FitCircleToPts_34A.pdf (164.1 KB) LS_CirclesElipsesFit_4.pdf (272.2 KB)

Thank you very much!! :smile:

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