Origin of interpolated curve/arc

I have some points imported from a 3D tracking software, points that are supposed to form a curve/arc and I want to find the origin of this curve.
but of course there are some imperfections in the tracking so the points don’t generate a perfect arc.

I’ve done some interpolating to get the curve as close to an arc as possible so I can use the deconstruct arc component, but I can’t get it back to a perfect arc, so I can’t use deconstruct arc

Does anyone have an idea/method to aproximate the origin of the curve?
ArcOrigin.gh (19.4 KB)

Use the C output of Circle Fit component

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just in case you want to know how Circle Fit works (not sure if its the same), here is one self written approach by using regression analysis (LLS). Works for spheres as well:


CircleFitLS.gh (4.1 KB)
SphereFitLS.gh (14.6 KB)