Creating arc/circle from list of points

Hello i have list of points, that should create and arc with constant radius. But those point have a little treshold so i want to fit a circle using “fit circle” component. I dont know why the circle did not fit at all. How i can solve this problem?

I assume (?) that the R Method is using (?) the Circle Least Squares Fit classic algo. Google that in order to understand the whole approach.

I have various C#'s that do that … but that is rather irrelevant (I guess) since it appears that you are not familiar with coding.

Plus (various similar threads around):

Plus 2 classics (rather skip these):

LSBF_0301001.pdf (638.6 KB)
LSBF_gander.pdf (277.7 KB)


Thanks for reply. First script that you posted “” works fine for me. It is accurate enough for me.