How can I render out with a transparent background in Thea Rhino?

Perhaps not the most popular render plugin for Rhino, but I just installed it and want to give it a shot.

I can’t figure out for the life of me however how to simply render an image with a transparent background. Does anyone know how to do this with Thea Rhino?

Thanks forum.

Right now, there is no way to save an image along with the alpha channel from Rhino.
A workaround for now is to save the image as .img.thea from Rhino and open it with Thea Darkroom. From there you can export the image as png+apha.

This has been fixed though and it will be available in the next public version.


I have the latest version but still cant export a render with the background on alpha, can you run me through what i need to do?
I see the option in thea darkroom to export a PNG with alpha but even when i select this option the background it still there in the exported image.
Im using image based lighting (IBL) and its the IBL that is showing up in my exported image.
any help greatly appreciated

Hi! To save an image as a PNG along with the Alpha Channel you first need to turn on Alpha Channel from Thea Render Settings > Rendering > Channels. After that you can use the PNG + Alpha extension to save your image.