Bongo Animation using THEA?

Hi there,

Does anyone know if Bongo 2 is compatible with THEA render engine in Rhino 6? THEA for Rhino render shows up in the Target Renderer list and will render out the frames… however, a white pixelated outline is drawn around the rendered object, irrespective of render mode in THEA. Test Image

Anyone else seeing this or know a workaround that stops the outline?

Sure it’s compatible, use “Render Animation”.


That’s exactly what I’m doing, but the pixelated white outline remains in anything I render. I also changed background mapping settings but the pixelated outline remains…Perhaps a question I need to post to Thea forum…

Could you please share that file to test?

Hi, unfortunately not due to company confidentiality (part of an unreleased product). I’ll pull a different model and send that that shows the issue I’m having.

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Hi @acrighton
I don’t use Thea, but it could be some sort of transparent background/alpha channel issue. What file format are you saving your frames as and do you have transparent background enabled?

Hi @acrighton,
Okay. Share other test to see what’s going on.
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Hi Jacob/foreigner,

I’ve tried all file formats and the issues remains… also checked the transparent background option and it also made no difference. see attached image. Also attached model. 2 layer material with displacemen - THEA test.3dm (385.8 KB)

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Hello @acrighton,
I got your file tested and i suggest to you these steps:
1- You have to “Rest Rhino Render to default”.

2- From “Thea Darckroom” Select “PR - Unbiased TR1” Make sure to change a “Samples & Time” limited to a suitable choice that is save your render time.

3- Try to delete all HDRi map on “Thea Environment” and use Rhino Sun & Skylight.
Test Result .

Rhino & Thea are amazing. :wink:

Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to look at this, but my issues still persist :frowning:
I can render an individual frame and it renders as expected, it’s only when I initiate an animation within Bongo do I get the pixelated white line around the subject in each and every frame. I typically do product renderings and use either HDRI images for lighting, or occasionally use discrete emitters, so using Sun & sky is something I rarely, if ever, use.

I’ve got a simmilar problema for the first steps, but I just start in this. You’re doing great, look like big pro

Are you using last bongo?


Thanks for reporting this. This is a bug from our side. I have replicated it and it’s fixed.

The fix will be available on our next maintenance update.


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