How can I project something into something else?

let’s say that I make a box, then I want to project whatever thing I’m drawing in one face of the box, but while I’m drawing it, and not after that I finished the drawing, as if I was using the project box under the snap settings

the problem of the

, is that it seems that it is snapping the curves/thing, into a predefined plane…

to project a curve onto a object, you should be using the -project command in the view you want the direction of projection.

the menu you mad a screenshot from is for snapping. the snapping points are projected to the construction plane of your view.

hope that helps


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Hi -

I’m assuming you are drawing a curve - start the Curve command and then hover over the Osnap panel. Hit the Ctrl key. The snaps will change into a number of one-shot and persistent options - select the POnSrf option. You will then be asked for a surface to constrain the mouse picks to.

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