Sticker Designs

I am looking for any tips on using Rhino to make basic sticker designs and then print them on a sticker printer. I am assuming I can use 2D in Rhino without any packages or extensions and just fill in the color? Any feedback on how to get starter and anything tips would be appreciated.
Thank you!

Hi Paul,

Work at 1:1 and always have ‘Project’ selected so you don’t have curves floating in space.
Try to keep curves closed or at least tangent for filling in other packages etc.

You can export as Illustrator or .dxf of failing that PDF as a vector.

One thing that might help is CurveBoolean - this will enable you to select closed areas within things you’ve drawn.

when exporting try to keep things on different layers, so line types, outlines etc.

Good luck!


I am assuming just work in the 2D views to make sure curves are not floating. What do you mean by ‘Project’? Also I didn’t understand why things need to be on different layers. I do plan to save these as vector files.

Tools> Object Snap> Project to Plane

Constrains all drawing to the construction plane of the view.

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As Chris says… It’s a good habit to get into, trust me.

Having things on different layers enables you to access things easily. Rather than having to click through a load of stuff trying to find something in a stack you can turn off layers and only work on the stuff you need. Where you have closed curves from CurveBoolean you can easily select them and fill them with your desired pattern fill.

It’s not for everyone though, each to their own etc :slight_smile:

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I tried this and it didn’t appear to do anything, it just said ‘Osnap projection is enabled’ in the command line. I was thinking it would bring all the surfaces to one plane.

No. That is a similarly named tool for a different use.

I think what you’re looking for is the Command “ProjectToCplane”.
Make sure you are in the Top or Perspective viewport when you run the command so it projects to the CPlane you want.


If you were to have drawn all of those planar objects while ‘Osnap projection is enabled’ they would have all been drawn on the construction plane of the view they were drawn in. Turning ‘Osnap projection’ on after those objects have been drawn does nothing to them. See John Brock’s comment for projecting them to the cplane of the active view.

I have a questions in terms of saving the file now. When I am saving as a image it is picking up the background, white in this case. How do I save this so that it is only the images?
I attached my file to see if maybe I have a setting I need to enable.

Here is the Rhino File:
Stickers Set Jet.3dm (749.2 KB)

Hello - if you’re rendering to get the images, set the rendering for transparent background and save the image as a png or tiff file.

if you’re using ViewCaptureToFIle from the viewport, also save as a png and ask for the transparent background:



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