How can I offset/scale a surface while maintinging uniform thickness?

Hi, I am trying to make a vase.

In order to maintain a uniform thickness throughout the whole body, I tried two methods:
Scale NU and Surface Offset.

  1. The problem with Scale NU is I can not get uniform thickness and also it is hard to determine the thickness of the wall since it scales by proportion, not distance.
  2. The problem with Surface Offset is some parts of the resulting surface intersect themselves.

I do not need the resulting surface is in the exact same shape as the origin.

So my questions are:

  1. How can I get the controllable uniform thickness while maintaining the approximately same shape as the original surface?
  2. Is there a way I can just trim away the intersecting parts after the Surface Offset operation in Grasshopper?


creased vase (14.1 KB)


something like this ??

first, try to offset the base curve and then join both the surface

creased vase (14.3 KB)


Ha, solved! Thank you very much!
Just need to offset the curves before loft them!

I’ve 3D printed quite a few bowl/vase shapes using offset Loft curves like this example. I use this simple technique to get the final Closed Brep geometry: