How to turn a surface into solid object with thickness (Offset Surface)

Hi folks,
I’m trying to give thickness to this object and make a solid object with volume. When I offset surface, 2 problems appear. 1)surface normals are random and NOT UNIFIED. 2) the extruded surfaces don’t have clean conjunctions and edges.
Would anyone please help me with this? Tha

Capture (67.4 KB) Vase-for mold.3dm (126.3 KB) nk you :slight_smile:

You need to create the outside shape as a solid and difference away the cavity in the middle.

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Michaelkreft is correct:

  1. Make solid outside
  2. Use ScaleNU to scale down #1 something less than 1 in X & Y direction (I typically use 0.95 - 0.98)
  3. Whack off the bottom of #2 using a solid (CAPped) cylinder the height of which you want the bottom thickness of you finished part to be
  4. Use SDiff to subtract #3 from #2

Here’s a page that shows how this works for a simpler outside shape: What is Paramtric Modeling?

There is a slightly more complex way of doing this sort of thing if you want a smooth inside surface.

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With this shape you can go to mesh and back real quick. The green group are components from Pufferfish.

FoldedPlateStructure-nAAB-2 (68.8 KB)

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Thank you for your help, Michael! I appreciate it.

Thank you Birk. I’m sort of a beginner and your help is very valuable. :slight_smile:

Thanks Michael for your big help and time. that’s exactly what I was looking for. kudos to you