How can I?, MOTION BLUR with Bongo3D & Vray to express motion in still architectural renders

Hello, I’m having trouble creating any kind of motion blur within a Bongo3D+Vray animation, Vray chaos group have very little if any info in their Vray for Rhino manual and no simple examples or tutorials to follow for beginners.
Using IK creates multiple object trajectory’s within my model, this makes faking motion blur in Photoshop annoyingly complicated and inaccurate.
So what I am trying to do is create a small animation and then extract stills from this to print (student project pin up).
It would be most helpful if someone could tell me if this process (work flow) is actually possible?

Dose any one have any tips?


Thank you Menno,
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The answer is that VRay has to support motion blur - I’m not sure that it does. The only renderer I know of that does support M-blur is Brazil.

However…there is a post effect trick. If you render twice as many frames as you need, you could use something like After Effects to add the motion blur by interpolating between frames.

  • Andy

Thanks for the reply, Vray dose support Motion blur so I’ll ask the question on a Vray forum as well, although I think you and this video tutorial ( show that it is faster to do in after affects as a post production technique.

I’ve also just come up with a cheat, fast, low rez way of doing it, ( play the animation in VLC mediaplayer with motion blur on, Then as it seems to be imposable to export from VLC with the motion blur filter embedded I will Screen capture or screen film with DVDVideoSoft Free Studio and then multiply the image on to my still render in Photoshop.

I thought it was best to ask the question here on this forum first as it’s primarily animation, Thank you all for your input.

I’ll post some images when im done,
Kind regards
Vern Roberts