Tutorial and Shaking BONGO

here is the problem, recently for a test of work download Bongo to make an animation, however, the first problem was when rotating objects and others, it is very complicated for a movement as simple as just opening a face of furniture . At the end (video attached) I had to split the file in 6 parts to make the video. if anyone knows how I can do this type of simpler videos or a tutorial I would appreciate it. The other problem is that when the video is created, it remains with a shaking effect which looks ugly when mounting a presentation.

I hope someone can help me.

I have rhino5, vray 3, bongo 2 (evaluation)

Thank you!

Indeed, the shaking is obvious. I guess it’s a Vray issue - @Marika_almgren can hopefully shed a light .

As for the composing of the animation; it doesn’t seem extremely complex to do. I certainly do not see the need of splitting anything (what do you mean by “the file”, is it the model or the rendered video?). Could you maybe send me (luc@mcneel.com) the model(s) you used including the animation, so I can take a look at your work and maybe give you some tips.


PS Nice animation though, despite of the shaking

Hello Luc, I attach the files to your email. thanks to lot.

@JhonfaRaccoon Luc sent me your model and I just rendered some of it with V-Ray and I don’t see any flickering… but then again, I didn’t have all of the bitmaps that was in the model.
What video file format did you use?
I’d suggest the following - test another video file format - does that flicker or not?
If it still flickers - try rendering the video using Viewport Display instead of V-Ray does that make any difference?

@Marika_almgren @Luc

hi, first I want to thank you for your help, second I did 2 tests with another modeling.

  1. I did an animation with Bongo of model 360. the first video rendered is with vray and we can see the shaking that I speak.

  1. so I did the test with viewport rhino and it does not look shaking, very clean and sooooo cool, NO shaking.

I conclude that the problem is of compatibility of Bongo and Vray.

Render bits maps PNG (transparency)
final video MPEG-4

Attachment parameters used for the 2 cases.

That seems the camera coordinates aren’t getting translated to Vray correctly, or Vray is doing something weird–it almost seems like it’s an on purpose “camera shake”…does Vray have that as a setting?–with them…but many many people use Vray with Rhino, odd this hasn’t come up before.

It did.

Hello Jim, I know it’s weird, it’s a problem I’ve had lately, because I do not usually do many videos; Now that I need to make videos or GIF see this error, if you see in the forum there is already another issue with this problem.


Hi Luc, i got Rhino 5 SR14 and bongo 2.0 (evaluation)…
can the problem be generated because I have Bongo is evaluation mode?

No it does not. The evaluation version is identical to the full commercial release. Only editing is restricted after 30 days.
Thank you for executing the render tests. Marika will surely look further into it.

@Luc @marika_almgren

I can only thank you for the interest and kindness with which you have helped me, I will be aware of any notification and will continue to do tests.

thank you very very much!!!


@JhonfaRaccoon I’d suggest: Please make sure you also have the latest version of V-Ray. If it still consists after you’ve installed the latest version, please contact Chaosgroup support.