How can I model this stairs?

How can I model this stairs?

Hi, there are a few things to take into account. First, would be the dimensions of what you are trying to model. 2nd might be, do you have 3 D modeling experience? —-Mark

Yes of course, I want to model a stairs like this in rhino and I have dimensions but I want to find the best and fast way for modeling in rhino…

there are several approaches possible, for instance you can start by making the outlines of the entire stair case, divide the boarders and split them, then position the parts a bit lower at each increment, the rest you loft from corner to corner, its a simple task but takes a bit effort. explaining it in more detail takes almost the same time as you going ahead and just starting somewhere.

Thanks for your response…

Here is a quick tutorial showing how you could model these stairs with ease using just a few tools in Rhino:

Stairs tutorial.3dm (262.5 KB)

P.S.: Note that I used some random numbers for the dimensions of the stairs, such like 100 mm height and 200 mm length (deepness) of each step. However, in the real life it would be more convenient for the people to go through stairs whose individual steps have a length of about 250-350 mm each. Of course, it also depends on the available space and project requirements.


Thank you for devoting your time to answering my question and helping me to model this stair.

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You are welcome.

now that looked familiar to me :wink:

located in Iraq-Slemani province-Teachers city,design and implementation by Brwa AbdulHameed, posted today on an Architecture Facebook Group, obviously an ongoing project.

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Chapel Sq-Springfield Hospital, UK, modelled in Rhino, over 1500 pieces of bespoke granite stoneworks, currently being installed onsite :+1:t3:

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