How can i make this in Rhino?

How can i make like this in rhino?

And i already use the grasshoper to make like this

i want to pull it up to show up the windows.

thank you so much!!!:pray:

you could simply get the curves control points, place points where you want your openings to happen as centers and move the curves control point in a certain distance away from the centerpoints.

could also do this with dividing the points or something along the lines, recreate the curves with interpolate curve for example.

thanks your reply, im so sorry, How can i get the curves control point? I cant use the EditPtOn on this curves

Curve -> Analysis in GH, there you can find it. If you have trouble with that I highly advise you to try out stuff like this on your own to understand how GH works, your problem is actually trivial once you are a bit more familiar with the whole thing.