How can I make honeycomb ribs in the bottom of this tray?

Hello all.

This tray is going to be an injection moulded piece made out of recycled ABS. I would like to add honeycomb style ribbing at the bottom.

I have already tried drawing lots of polygon shapes as seen in the image however for some reason those shapes are unable to be joined together into one. I selected them all and used the rib command, adding a draft angle of 1 degree but this results in a mess - some of the hexagons don’t become ribs at all and others become misshapen.

How else could I make these honeycomb ribs with a draft angle?

Thanks in advance!

Hi James - I think I’d make one unit and array/copy it around to make the whole field


Hello Pascal. Many thanks for taking the time to respond. Did you draw the hexagon then use the rib command, followed by array/copy? @pascal

Hi James - I’m sure there are different ways of getting there - I made two hexagons for the base and two for the top. I lofted these using ‘Straight sections’ in the Loft command. I capped, then made a polar array,of six around the original, with the top faces completely overlapping. BooleanUnion followed by MergeAllCoplanarFaces.

Then I trimmed out one unit using the larger hexagon aligned to the mid points of the radialy oriented sides.

@James_Lee - saved as V6 here -
HexArray.3dm (2.1 MB)


Sorry for the late reply. When I try to loft the drawn hexagons there is always a gap left and when I cap it, it caps the space in the middle rather than the empty space on the side. I re-lofted the outer-most hexagons and boolean unioned them together so it became a solid. My other issue is the polar array, I cannot get it to all 6 points. Please could you help me with this? Many thanks for your help.
(I am using Rhino6 so was unable to open the Rhino doc you shared) @pascal