How to create ribbed wall or ribbing

I am needing to create ribbing, but with the same wall thickness. Not only that, but I need three walls of ribbing to come together - again consistently. So if you looked at it orthographically from the top it would look like a square, just missing one side. Hopefully this makes sense… So first I need to know how to even create the ribbing, and then how to connect the walls nicely. I really truly appreciate any help!

Hello- can you post a file with the object that is to get the ribs and showing how you want them?


This is part of the sketch of what I’m modeling. It is for an Internship, so I cannot show everything. Hopefully this link works for you, and you can see the image. Thank you so much! Ribbed Sketch

I see- try making an array of boxes (as the ribs) to BooleanUnion with the base object. Simple example attached Ribs.3dm(558.2 KB)