How can I have Rhino to export the same texture only once and assign it to several materials?

Let’s say I have multiple meshes objects with different materials associated. Different materials sharing one (or more than one) texture.

when I export it as OBJ, Rhino creates duplicates of the same texture for each material, instead of recognizing it’s the same texture (same path) and ‘linking’ it to more materials. It has no sense because it increases the overall project size for no reason.

If I simply delete all duplicates, 3DSMax will prompt for the missing textures


Thanks for the report, I recall this but think it’s been fixed in Rhino 6. Testing here, a single texture is saved alongside the obj and mtl regardless of it being in multiple materials. I tried with multiple assignments of the existing texture in the 3dm or using Rhino’s instancing for multiple material channels using the same texture. I tested with Rhino 6.13, the latest internal build and exported obj to Blender 2.8.

What version of Rhino are you on? If also a fairly recent v6 build, can you post a 3dm with several objects using multiple materials and the same texture? Thanks.

ah nevermind… it’s as you said: I tried in Rhino 6 and everything is working perfectly. I still haven’t completely moved to rhino 6 and never tried obj exporting with it. Good to know it has been fixed.

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