Exporting FBX results in a lot of copies of same material


This might not strictly be a bug but I will mention it anyway as it is as painful as one.

When exporting a model from Rhino via the FBX format, Rhino will create a copies of the same materials in the file.

Say I have 1000 cubes with a blue material.
When I export it to FBX and open it in ie. Blender, Max or Maya it will have 1000 materials all of which are exactly the same. They will be called “Blue Material”, “Blue Material_2”, “Blue Material_3”… “Blue Material_999”.

Are there some important reason why each object does not use the same object?

I first thought it was a Blender bug.
Here what let to this discussion:

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Note that Rhino imports the file back with multiple materials…

@ejnaren can you attach the two blue boxes 3dm, and paste the SystemInfo contents?

I can not repro this in latest Rhino. I have the recollection of having fixed this particular problem.

Hi Nathan.

Hmm interesting. Well true enough I am using Rhino V5 right now. Im in the process of upgrading but have not recieved my copy of V6 from the dealer yet. And the BETA is expired.

Well hopefully soon I can try from V6 and then hopefully its a non issue :slight_smile:

Anyway I have attached the mentioned file if you want to dig a bit.

System-Info.txt (24.8 KB)
Two Blue Boxes.3dm (26.8 KB)

Thanks for the help.

Right, in that case I’m sure I fixed this issue. In v5 indeed each use of the same material caused a new material instance in the FBX output. FBX does that no longer (nor OBJ, as it had the same problem).


You should be able to use the evaluation version of Rhino 6 for 90 days… :slight_smile:

I love stories that end well… :wink:

So now I have downloaded a new eval copy of Rhnio 6 and I can confirm that this issue no longer exist. Which is wonderful for my Rhino -> Blender Workflow. Thank you!

You’re welcome.