How can I do repeated pattern like wood planks or tile?

I want to created a repeated effect like wood planks on the side of a building and shingles on a roof, but I don’t know how to do this in Rhino. Here is what I want to make:

Here is my file:

Any help is appreciated!!

For beginning try to create just one plank, and array it linear (Transform > Array > Linear) vertically. Trim where the planks meet the openings (doors, windows).

To lighten the file up a little learn about lightweight extrusions (Gumball), block instances. For more complicated stuff you may need to learn to use the Panelling Tools. If you model is for visualization only, learn about displacement maps (shingles are easier done this way).

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you can also look into texture mapping if your goal is to only show it as a visual representation

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I will be 3D printing it, so I need to do more than visualization. The Paneling Tools sounds like the push in the right direction I needed :slight_smile: I’m going to dig into that. Hopefully it works on Rhino for mac.

here’s an approach… probably something similar should happen for a 3D printed model since it leave you with a single solid instead of a bunch of individual boards…

mainly just booleans… create a simple volume then subtract from it.

(this is basically the same thing @0netech said in the first reply)


Jeff, you are the man! That was super helpful to a beginner like me! There are a bunch of little things I learned by watching this. Thanks a million!!!

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Great tutorial.