Wish: Rotate Alternating Tiles

@nathanletwory some time ago i quickly skipped through a blender tutorial, where i believe he used something like a rotating function (maybe based on noise) for the repeating tiles. in Rhino we have mirror which kind of helps a bit but still creates a regular pattern. would it be possible to implement something like this at some point?

Can you link the tutorial at the timestamp relevant to this request?

i am not sure to which spot exactly to point you since he talks about several methods to avoid tiling, maybe at around 4.30 min in it might cut a bit into that cheese.

i point out what i have resumed so far:
mosaicing, rotating, noising the boundaries (or something of that sort) and color variation after that, you might want to check the entire sequence to extract more goodies

This type of texturing will be closer when we get to do Rhino procedurals natively in Cycles.

And it will be even closer when we get to edit shader graphs of materials in Rhino.

cool, thrilled to hear that.

you mean node based? any more you can say?

With Rhino 8 I hope to have at least a basic node-based material editing facility built on top of GH, but directly integrated into Rhino 8.

Right now I’m busy updating our Cycles engine. Once that is in a usable state I’ll be able to start working on such an editor. If I manage to do it in time for Rhino 8 remains still to be seen, so keep following the Rhino 8 news (:

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