Creating a Gratings

Is there a simple way to create a grating in rhino?

Something like this:


If it’s only for rendering, you can use a displacement map and transparency map in your rendering package. Otherwise, you’d have to model it, but since nearly all parts repeat, copy, paste and move will do the thing very quickly - 1 corner piece, 2 different side pieces and one 1 inner cell is all you need to model.

That kind of repeating grid is something rhino excels at creating. I would draw one of the cross pieces by creating a “box”. Remember once you get a box on the screen, any box, you can change its size very easily to what you need. So for example 1 box that is 1/4" by 1" by say 36" long. Then you can use a command called “array”. Evoke that command by typing Array in the command line. Then simply follow along with the prompts that will appear in the command line. The borders will be “boxes” that have a different size then the field grid, so just pick the outer boxes and modify their size to what you need. Basically repeat that process to get the grid parts in the other direction.
With rhino there are always a number of ways to do something. I have found that I need to just pick one and move forward. As I get more experience my methods get better. Unfortunately there is no short cut to get that experience. This grid is a few minutes work for an experienced rhino user.
Good luck

Dunno, if the grate is a uniform “depth” overall, then the easiest/cleanest way to create it is to draw first a rectangle which represents one opening. Then use Array to array it in X and Y the number of times you need, leaving the space between that represents the material thickness. Surround all with a rectangle that represents the outer border - you can use bounding box and offset to do this quickly.

Once you have the curves in place, just select all and extrude/solid to the desired depth.