How can I create these objects?

Hello there,
does anyone have any suggestions on how to create these objects?
I have tried sweep 1 with a spiral rail but I am not getting close to the object.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

i am getting a strong feeling of dejavue here.

Hi Encephalon,

I am not sure what you mean but I am assuming that you don’t consider this a serious enough question since you are not suggesting any techniques or steps.
Even if you find this question to be too basic, it is important for me. I am not a professional architect or modeler, I am a an amateur and there are a lot of things that I don’t know how to do. And I thought that this is the function of the Forum.
Kind Regards

@encephalon is simply recalling your 2017 post on the identical topic Carved effect

What have you tried so far? What came closest and how did it fall short?


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@jeremy5 i was actually referring to the exact same image being already intensively handled at least i had thought so.

@Voula it is a very confusing habbit handling the same issue with multiple topics. is this your sculpture? also what you seem to have forgotten, that i have helped you on a different question, fending of people for fun who are seeking for help is not my cup of tea so dont take that personal.

besides all that, i have seen so many people which have created an object and then painfully trying to reflect that digitally having no idea how to even start. while it might not be a good habit to create something with (personal) digital limits in mind it would be good to at least ponder on how it would be achieved before you start.

when all fails, and i am am sure you can get this patched together when you start with the ground shape and amend the lobes, you can still take a camera make multiple shots of it from all around and get your mesh in a few minutes with a few applications for either mobile phone or computer, which if nurbs are needed you can take as a good reference.

I am sorry if I have created confusion by returning to the same object.
You have indeed helped me personally and many other people in the forum as well for which I am grateful.
I misunderstood your comment and I apologise for that.

It is not my sculpting but I am trying to recreate it digitally. I come close to the shape but it is not accurate enough.

@jeremy5 I have treated the object as a volute with fillet (not really satisfying) and as a scroll. The scroll is more promising. What troubles me is that the lobes are tilted and I am not sure how to create that effect. I will try box editing. Sometimes just listing out the steps or methods applied on its own is helpful enough - so thank you for asking these questions.