Can I create these objects with Rhino (not Grasshopper)?

Hello everyone,
I am trying to recreate these carved objects.
Does anyone have a suggestion which steps might produce a result similar to them?

Many thanks

Hello - yes you could, but it might be quite involved. This is probably more suited to a mesh based sculpting tool or even possibly SubD tools.


from my understanding you have 2-3 roles in layers over each other and one big one spiraling up a little more. you can use sweep1 or, better use sweep 2 with 2 rails (one spiral then the 2 offsets of it) to get it more under control and a few different sized profile curves. like below roughly sketched. activate history before sweep and change the sizes of the profiles with the gumball to model it closer to your likes. you can sweep to a point to close it up if needed or use patch.

a bit experimenting but pretty possible.


something like below as a starter, then amend the rest of the layers and swirls close them all up boolean them together maybe a few blends or fillets to polish it off done.


Honestly I didn’t think it could be done in Rhino!
Thank you so much encephalon - this is such a good suggestion.
I can see it will need a bit of experimenting but this is (more than) half the fun.

Very grateful to everyone in the Forum

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well its not a 2 click shape, not extremely complicated but as pascal said rather involving. I am not sure if its not just about the same work anywhere else, sculpting is manual work where ever you do it, in mesh based paint tools its painting along manually I believe, has been a while since I did it, BUT in Rhino you got all the goodies like NURBS and History to play with, certainly something one should do in Rhino rather, at least IMHO.

forgot to mention, whenever you approach this little project, and want to use sweep 2 as described, make sure that you use the option “add slash” and draw lines from profile to profile, best you activate perpendicular in the snaps for it, start at all quadrands and add slashes perpendicular till it looks good. that will equalize your sweep nicely oh and see that the seams start and end at the same spots about and show in the same directions, otherwise you get swirls which you did not want :blush:

Yes, the “add slash” is a life saver!

I only discovered it recently after an other very helpful post in the Forum.