How can I create random gradient points in triangular grid?


I saw this script from a post (please see link above) which is close to what I want for my design. I did not want to use a square grid so I started by using the triangular grid to create a group of points and then copied the exact same script from the post, but then the gradient did not turn out what I wanted (please see photo below). I am very new to grasshopper so maybe there is an obvious and easier way to do that I don’t know. Can anyone give me some guidance on this please?

Thank you! (9.2 KB)

You’ll need as many different seeds as your tree branch numbers. (10.4 KB)

Hi HS_Kim, Thank you so much! So the problem I had before is that the amount of seeds at the Random component was not different enough? If it is okay, could you also please go through the changes you make with me? Thank you!

Your referenced example seems to have only one flattened list, so only one seed value is enough.
Whereas your TryGrid has multiple branches(in this case 15 branches of points)and the value range from Deconstruct(ie, Y coordinates of the grid points) are all the same, so, you should use different seed values to get the different result you want.
Try to flatten your TryGrid points and you’ll see what I mean.