How Can I adjust the dock bar which contains the specified panel in C#?

Hello everyone,
could you please tell me how to adjust the dock bar that contains my own panel In RhinoCommon In C#?
As shown in the following picture:

I have currently found a way to obtain the dock bar ID using Rhino.UI.Panels.PanelDockBar(MyOwnPanel.PanelId);
But I am not able to find a way to obtain the dock bar object and adjust it.

Thank You!

What are you trying to adjust @Justin12, the width?

@csykes Sorry, I want to resize it!
I would like to set its width and height when I open it.


Hi @Justin12,

Keep in mind that when your panel is shown, it might be docked or it might be in a floating container with one or more additional panels.

In general, your panel should work with the container it is embedded in. Or don’t use a docking panel.

– Dale