Docking custom panels


I want the information for the panel that can we dock a panel at the bottom in rhino 6?
As of now they can docked at the left and the right sides of the rhino 6.
After dragging any of the panel, could the docked it at the bottom ?
And if not is there any option to create a timeline or a progress bar sort of thing in the toolbar in rhino 6?
Please answer.

Hi - panels are generally designed to display information vertically and, as such, wouldn’t do much good docked at the bottom of the screen. Is there a specific panel you are thinking of?

Hi - I have create a panel in my plugin and load it in Rhino, so i want that panel to be docked at the bottom.
I am attaching one image for your reference.
After dragging the panel it must be fixed at the bottom as it can fix in the panel window.
Please give me any solution for this.


Hi - I’m moving this to the Developer category then.

@JohnM, can you help with this?


Currently Rhino only supports docking panels on the right or left. There is no navigation control for panels docked at the top or bottom so it is disallowed. If you are using the C++ SDK you can create a custom CRhinoUiDockBar which can be docked at any location but it will not interact directly with the panel system.

Okay…Thanks for all help…I’ll try with the C++ SDK.


Can it be achieved using the .NET SDK RhinoCommon?

The C++ CRhinoUiDockBar has been exposed to .NET via the RhinoWindows.Controls.DockBar class making this possible on Windows but not on Mac.

Yes, thanks I implemented using that. But I have one issue, when I close my usercontrol in the dockbar, I am not able to gain access to it again. But if I change the GUID it comes up again. Is there a way to make the dockbar collapsible?

Your dock bar should have a persistent Guid to allow Rhino to properly save and restore its state when shutting down and opening again. You can display your dock bar using the static Show or Float methods on the DockBar class. There is currently no user interface to display a list of dock bars and show/hide a particular one, they are not panels. You will have to write a command that allows the user to show/hide/toggle the custom control bar.

Is docking default panels on the bottom being considered as a feature?

Having a docker on the bottom would be great especially for those using a vertical display orientation

The default location for Rhino system panels is not user configurable at this time and there is currently no plan to add that functionality.

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I would also be very interested in you adding that functionality to use Rhino on vertical monitors as user configuration. It makes a lot of sense if you prioritize Grasshopper, some other plugin panel or also Visual Studio for debugging. I understand that this is far from be a priority bc is no so common a vertical monitor, but put it on the to-do list please!

@JohnM Is it possible to create a plugin to allow this from code as a temporary solution? I can do it in that case.

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