DockBar in RhinoWindows.dll


I’m trying to dock a top/bottom/lateral DockBar (Not a panel) in Rhino 6 WIP, using RhinoWindows.dll, but I’m not able to find any documentation, examples or summaries.

I made a class named DockBarCustom which inherits from RhinoWindows.Controls.DockBar which has inside a control in WPF or WindowsForms.

The code in OnLoad or AppInitialized is the following:

        DockBar.Dock(DockBarCustom.ID, DockBarDockLocation.Top, new Rectangle(0, 0, 800, 100));
        DockBar.Show(DockBarCustom.ID, false);

I attached a very simple project that tries to show and dock the dockbar unsuccessfuly.
Could you provide a sample/exemple showing how to do it? (45.8 KB)

Best Regards

Hello Dale,

I found the error, I did not instantiate the main control… :slight_smile:
everything is working fine right now.

Thanks and best regards.