Q: how to "interlace" 4 lists

I’m not a GH noob, but when it comes to working with data trees…

I’ve got 4 lists of points:
(p11, p12, p13, p14, p15, …)
(p21,p22, p23, p24, p25, …)
(p31, p32, p33, p34, p35, …)
(p41, p42, p43, p44, p45, …)
and want to “merge” them into one tree that looks like this:
((p11, p21, p31, p41), (p12, p22, p32, p42), (p13, p23, p33, p43), (p14, p24, p34, p44), (p15, p25, p35, p45), … )
That’s practically the columns of the above lists.
What’s the component to do that?

I’d like to create a list of rectangles given by 4 points each, in the end.

Thanks a lot!!
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Looks like I’ve figured it out…
Graft the 4 point lists, and route them into a “Merge” component.
Thanks anyway!

If the data structure is simple enough, you could use ‘Sets >Tree > Flip Matrix’:

Otherwise the ‘Sets > Tree > Entwine’ component might be useful:

This is also a fine solution, granted that your graft operation results in different paths for each list. Otherwise, merging two lists with the same path will result in one list. The safest route might be to use the entwine component as the component ensures the paths will be different.

Thank you, fragudada!!
Sorry for the late reply - holidays…