Insert branches in tree at specific locations - dependent on branch name


There are 2 tree’s. Tree A and B.
I would like to add the items of tree B in tree A at specific locations.

I would like to add the following branches with eachother;
Tree A + Tree B
{0;0} + {0}
{0;1} + {0}
{1;0} + {1}
{2;0} + {2}
{2;0} + {2}
{2;0} + {2}

Any suggestion for a straight forward solution?

the insert item command doesnt do the trick.
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:
2020-03-29 overwrite branch (3.6 KB)

It seems that Jakinta has already provided you with a solution to the same situation in your another topic… Why do you keep repeating similar questions? Did you understand his solution?

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I understand you comment
Yes, the solution of Jakinta did work and yes I do understand :slight_smile:.
However I would like to keep the script as short as possible. And just came with an Idea of a very short solution:
After the lists are added together (as in this question). I can simply use the ‘Mass addition’ command, to generate the consecutive points.
Besides I am honestly open to learn and think that this list manupulation would be very helpfull, also in other parts.
Thank you again :slight_smile: