How can a fix a corrupt file?

Hi all,

It seems my file has been corrupted somehow. I can 3D model still but render view shows some very strange shading. How can I fix this??

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Can post your SystemInfo? (via command line)


do you have custom cplanes and the original may be far off? that causes rendermesh artefacts. best you post the file or a small portion of which exhibits the issue.

We were able to clear it up with TestMetal in WIP and the file is being submitted with a youtrack for further testing.


Hi @CdeV,

The problem you are seeing is happening because Rhino does not have enough precision to render the shadows on the pyramids. This happens because 1) The full extent of the scene is very large (1 billion millimeters across) and 2) The orthogonal views need the camera to be far enough away to cover the whole extent of the scene. In turn, this is causing the precision of the depth buffer to become too low to create the skylight shadow effect on the pyramids.

Here’s how to work around the problem:

1.) With the perspective view active, run the Zoom command and select the Extents option (You can also directly run the command “ZE”). You will see 3 circles that are very large. Select the three circles and either delete them, or hide them (Hide command).
2.) With the perspective view still active, run Zoom + Extents again. Now you can see the rest of the scene.
3.) Now select the pyramid from the Front view and run the Zoom commands with the Selected option (“ZS” command).

You now have enough precision to render the shadows on the pyramid correctly. Let me know if this solves the problem for you.


Thank you so much David, this makes sense. I just tried reducing the size of the larger parts and that seems to have cleared up the problem!

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