How best to twist this thin solid upright by time it gets to the purple object?

I did try control points on the line from which the solid was made, but then extruding that with its twist saw no solid made.

maybe I should twist the solid instead but thats beyond me :frowning:

I need to get the ‘web’ twisting gently so that its unaffected at ‘A’ but upright/perp to the purple object (see thin line) by the time it reaches ‘B’. (see the perp line at ‘B’ that is the centre of the ‘web’ )

likewise C to D, D must be flush with face of Object at ‘D’.

Anyone care to twist it for me and show how its done ?
twist solid upright by time reaches purple item.3dm (115.0 KB)


Hi Steve,

I think you need to specify where the centreline of the twist is to go. And the direction of twist.

Hi somehow my post got duplicated,
I have done a mockup image at the other post.

Maybe to avoid confusion this post needs deleting, the one I am writing this in I mean !
not sure how to do that.

I think you have to ask mcneel if you want a post deleted.