Twisting objects around a center axis

I am trying to twist rods with a rectangular base around a column. When using the twist command the bottom of the columns seem to flare out at the bottom. I was wondering if there was a way to anchor the bottom points of the column. I have tried making the axis of the twist shorter but the bottom still flares out.

Hello - here is what I get using the Infinite option in Twist - does that help?


Thank you. The main issue I am having is with the bottoms of the base are not sticking to the bottom they are “kicking up” to the sides.

Hello - please post a file… with the inputs and the twisted version - I am not picturing the problem very well in my mind’s eyeball…


Hello - there is not much I can do without a file - please put the input objects in a Rhino file and post it here or send to


Hi - it’s the 3dm file that is needed.

TWIST HELP.3dm (5.7 MB) Here is the 3dm file. Hoping someone has an answer!! Thanks.

Hello - if this is the result of a twist, please post the objects before the twist. However, these are meshes and the long vertical edge is one polygon - that is, only points at the top and bottom - this does not lend itself to twisting - it needs more points or to be surfaces - I’ll see if I can make something that works.

@cipriaee see how Twist works with an arrangement of these:

TWIST HELP_Maybe.3dm (362.9 KB)


BEFORE TWIST.3dm (7.9 MB) Here is the file before the twist. As you mentined there would need to be more points for a twist. Is there an easy way to do that?

Hello - please try twisting the object in the file I posted above.


Worked Great! Thank you so much