Help with twist shape in rod

I have this 1/2" dia rod with a twist in the center - completely lost how to accomplish this same. Attached 2D.

Rod with Twist.pdf (142.6 KB)

I started with a extruded circle then possibly a helix but…really lost. Please help!

Twist command.

It’s close, but I can’t get the subtle blend at the top and bottom of the twist…

Hello - please post what you have, I’ll take a look. It is not clear to me that this is a simple twist…


This is my attempt…but it doesn’t look like the 2D exactly.

Twist Rod.3dm (94.9 KB)

Hi Tamarah - the 2d drawing is a schematic, I would say, and not accurate, so you’ll have to interpret - for instance, unless the scallops are a series of ellipses and not a continuous twisted shape, you would not see the edges as straight lines in any view. Is the section of the twisted part square, for sure?

Also - if the goal is to mimic a twisted square rod, it will probably look more convincing (and not like the 2d) to set Infinite=No in Twist so you get a suggestion of fall-off in the twist at the ends,.


Hi Tamarah,

Thinking about the physical object this represents, could you clarify whether it is a round bar with a machined helical pattern in the central section, or a representation of a forged (twisted) piece?

The former can be manufactured (caveats apply) but the latter is not possible - forging a twist in a round bar won’t produce defined scallops - that relies on the edges of the (typically square-sectioned) bar.


Understood! Thank you. :slight_smile:

i SOLVED IT! It was honestly an easy answer, I am sorry for taking ya’ll time.

The rod is square…So the twist actually works.Twisted Rod.3dm (89.0 KB)