How apply gradient to every cell

Hi community,
I would like to apply hatch on each cell and not on all the cells as a whole. I could do this one cell at a time but it can take ages. Is there a way to apply the radial hatch through grasshopper on each cell?


graft your inputs

Hi, can you say more. I did this on Rhino. No sure how to graft

right click on the output of battery that passes the geometry to the shader, and select graft

alternatively, graft the input of the shading battery (same method)

It still created one giant gradiant but not a gradient for every cell- I connected the point cloud to base point in ´Model hatch´

provide the *.gh file with internalized data (15.6 KB)

I used Voronoi 2D as it looks like everything lies on XY plane (15.6 KB)

How do you know what to graft/flatten. Its so many inputs and outputs

change the highlighted batteries
basically you need a voronoi2d battery, and pass the cells into the boundary of the hatch

then right clock on the hatch and bake

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it depends, in this case it will work even without grafts at all because the data structure is everywhere “a single list of the same amount of items”:

these are very instructional on data trees (the first one is a playlist)

Thank you! Is there any way to control the gradient more accurately and not just giving black and white as input

yes, you can plug more colors in the order you want them

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Late reply but is there any may to have the gradient not radial/circle but in the shape of the closed curve in which it is applied.

You can use either Linear or Radial gradients.